Watercolour painting
305mm x 260mm (12"x 10.5")approximately.

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The small cottage to the left of the picture is where my parents used to live, and where my youngest son was born. I lived there with my parents and my children for a while before returning to live in London again, but most of our holidays were spent there through the years.
Many years later when on holiday I was walking towards the house, and although it was so familiar, on that day the particular effect of the light casting long shadows, and the vivid autumn green of the grass made a huge impression on me, making me want to stop time passing and freeze the picture, time and place exactly as they were in that moment. Sadly I could not, but I tried to preserve the moment in the painting. Time has passed, and so have my parents, but the memories remain fresh.

Within that small cottage there was so much laughter, friends and family spent many happy times there over long years. The rooms downstairs were usually filled with companionable laughter and family jokes and often games of different kinds were played. The house was very cosy in the winter with warm fires which cast a cheerful glow.

Generally sunshine filled the house because it was south facing and, unusually for a cottage, had large windows downstairs, and the whole house felt light and airy??. except when it did not! There were times, without warning, when the sunlight would lose its? warmth and become dim and grey, the cheerful colours in the room suddenly become muted, the atmosphere changed, and everyone became subdued, whether they realized it or not, and I knew the shadows had gathered in the house again. But all that is another story which I may tell later.


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