About the artist

I am an English artist. I was born in London , and have also lived in Kent and the Channel Island of Guernsey. My earliest memories are of painting with my father who was a freelance artist and illustrator.

I studied fine art at Hornsey College of Art but was diverted from this course by well meaning parents - and other life changing events. Despite this I continued to paint whenever there was an opportunity, and many of my paintings are now in private collections in Switzerland , Canada and the United Kingdom .

The artists whose work I most admire are Max Ernst, Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee and Daniel Merriam. My own art work is informed by the natural world, and I paint places I love and find magical. I sometimes approach these subjects with super realism or employ abstraction to express my emotional response to them.

I now paint full time, and hope that you will enjoy the results.

Margaret Hamlin


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